At Bruner’s Pharmacy, the safety of clients is carried with prompt attention. We do not accept unprofessional members who may only deteriorate your health and we do not dispense doubtful medications that may negatively affect your problem.

For your utmost safety, we recommend to follow the next precautions:

  1. Always consult your health care provider/doctor before the application of any medication bought with us or other local and online pharmacies;
  2. Fill all your drugs on the same day each month. It helps to transform this activity into a routine, and you will never run out of the necessary health supplements;
  3. Set up reminders on your mobile phone to keep control of the regular intake of dosages;
  4. Do not sacrifice quality when buying cheap medicines online. Today, there are many reliable distributors that dispense discounted drugs without making the price look ridiculous. Keep in mind, the only manufacturer can affect the price;
  5. Always check the expiration dates on your parcel;
  6. Never change the dosage on your own. Strictly follow the instruction. If there is no effect, refer this concern to a doctor;
  7. Do not share your medications with your friends, family, and other people. The application of a drug without following the first rule of consulting a doctor may bear harmful results.
  8. Upon your permission, our team member will contact you each month to follow up on whether you have had or did not have any problems or changes to your current regimen.

Note, all the information posted with us is solely for acknowledgment. We do not bear responsibility for any actions you take after reading our instructions or articles. However, from our side, we carefully monitor the correctness and validity of everything revealed for public access with us online. Our team cannot be considered as a party where you should turn to in case of an emergency, please seek emergency aid with our medical services. For other inquiries, we welcome them to our email or phone.

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