Free Services For Customers: Excellence, Reliability & Added Value

At Bruner’s Pharmacy, we truly believe that services should be dictated by the clients. Thus, since launching our website, we monitored the feedback of our regular and new applicants. It helped us to create a wide range of assortment. Nowadays, we do not only distribute safe and trusted medications but can offer other medical services for free that usually are charged for with competitors.

Choose us, if you need:

  • Prescription Transfers. If coming across other online distributors, there are many hard procedures to transfer a simple prescription. With us, it is incredibly easy and does not take more than a few minutes of course, if you provided us with enough information. Let us handle mostly everything for you. Call us at 417-673-4663.
  • Automatic Refills. Are you a caregiver or patient? Both are perfectly suitable for receiving automatic refills. Enroll in our autofill program, and you will be immediately authorized to refill your routine prescriptions a few days before they run out. After that, we will call you and inform you when you can pick them up, or receive via delivery or mail.
  • Exceptional Customer Service. The average wait time for a prescription is 5 minutes with us. It is more than enough even to wish a good day afterward. If you are tired of waiting for days for your prescription, and you have been regularly charged for this service, it is worth visiting us. We do it as fast as possible and most importantly, it does not affect the quality of delivering the service.
  • Front door parking and drive-up window. How inconvenient may it be when you have to leave your car and visit a place running under the rain? Typical situation? Now, you do not need to do it, especially if you are sick at the moment. We offer front-door parking, and for your convenience drive-up window.
  • Free delivery. If you live within 5 miles from the pharmacy, congratulations, we offer you free prescription delivery. Moreover, any prescription that is approved and ready by 1:30 pm can be delivered the same day AT NO COST. However, the only advice for you, be at home because we require a signature.
  • Most insurance plans are accepted. We accept almost everything. But, to not paint everything with false colors, call us and inform us what insurance do you have. After we will provide full information.
  • Free medicare Part D drug plan analysis. Sounds confusing? Our pharmacists are well-trained regarding Medicare Part D, and they can help you to find the right plan that suits your needs the best. It will be absolutely free of charge service.
  • Special offers. Take home more than just your drugs, shop for various Willow Tree, Melissa, and Doug items, or pick up a card for special occasions.
  • Smooth connecting to international pharmacy network. Not finding the medication you need or requiring a delivery to another country? We got you. We can connect you to the international pharmacy with an unlimited list of products and a capacity to deliver them right where you are.

Besides, we offer our mobile application where you access the services much faster and convenient. Find “Bruner’s Pharmacy” both in the Apple store and Google Play market.

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